Monday, April 7, 2008

Slot Machines on the Computer

Now a days almost all slots in the casino are computerized, so it only makes sense that you can also play slots online. After all, all payouts are fixed, and the thrill of playing slots is to be lucky enough to be the big winner on a machine at the casino in Las Vegas or at a casino online.

Playing slots online is different than in a casino. There are not coins to tickets to cash out when you win, and you don;t even have to leave your house to play. Those are probably the best parts about it. The biggest downside is probably that you don't have all the bells go off with strangers looking at you when you win big... I guess that might be a good thing to though. If you win big, no one will want to rob you :O)

Like most people, I enjoy playing slots online and in casinos equally. Both give you the thrill that you can only get from a slot machine. I combines the experience of a video game with the enjoyment of gambling. The bonus games are great, and that is were you can make a good hit. Maybe not as great as getting 5 across, but I really enjoy the bonus games.

All this talking about slots, and I think that I'll play online now. Less writing, more playing! Good Luck gamblers :O)